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Correction tips for honing strips of honing machine

 At present, the honing head used on the honing machine is mainly made on the honing head with the inlay process. After finishing the surface of the workpiece, the machining aperture will become 5-500 mm.

 For larger and different cylinders For holes, valve holes, cylinders, box holes, connecting rod holes, etc., the ratio of diameter to hole depth can be about 10 or larger. Under relative conditions, honing can also process planes, outer circles, and spherical surfaces. , Or tooth surface, etc. For example, the surface of cylindrical honing teeth is mostly uneven, and can reach Ra0.04 microns or less during fine honing. 

The machining accuracy is about IT7-4. For the surface quality of some flat honing teeth It may be slightly worse

What are the correction tips for honing strips of honing machine? Let’s follow the editor to find out about it~

  • 1. When the new grinding rod is in good condition, it is necessary to make a "circle" for the cylindrical grinder, especially the diamond grinding rod. If it is not used for grinding tens of thousands of products, it can be used normally. Use a tool to grind the grinding head, add a grinding strip, and then grind the grinding strip (average to the end). General grinding heads are equipped with this tool when they leave the factory. When grinding, first pay attention to the correction of the outer circle of the grinding head. It should be noted that when the gauge is round, the honing bars of the honing machine cannot be guaranteed to be all average. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-process certain workpieces for final correction.
  • 2. The quality of the honing fixture will also seriously affect the roundness and cylindrical size. The fixture must be corrected, and the coaxiality and perpendicularity with the spindle should not be greater than 0.02.
  • 3. The column degree is also related to the stroke of the honing bar of the honing machine.

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