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Application advantages of laser welding technology in automobile intelligent manufacturing

 Intelligent manufacturing is actually another term for Industry 4.0. Roughly speaking from 1.0 to 4.0 of the industry, the automobile industry is the leader of the manufacturing industry, followed by the 3C industry. 

This echelon has the highest manufacturing level, which is generally between 2.0 and 3.0. The new production lines of individual vehicle companies can reach Around 3.5, auto parts will be relatively low.

The purpose of intelligent automobile manufacturing is very clear, that is, to improve the production, management, safety production, quality control and energy saving and consumption reduction of enterprises, realize lean production, promote the overall manufacturing level of automobile enterprises, and realize 4.0.

With the development of laser application technology, laser welding technology is widely used in many fields such as consumer electronics, packaging, shipbuilding, aerospace, etc., especially in the field of automobile manufacturing, such as automobile door welding, roof, side frames, parts, etc.

Modern automobiles require not only practical performance, but also economical beauty. Traditional welding methods are low in efficiency, variability, and low precision, making it difficult to meet the current needs of refined welding and low-cost processing in automotive intelligent manufacturing.

Laser welding technology uses a high-energy density laser beam as a heat source. It is a welding method with high welding precision and high efficiency. It has obvious advantages in automobile manufacturing and is becoming more and more popular.

Advantage 1: Reduce machining costs

Automobile welding is to combine various pre-made structural parts by welding or riveting. Modern laser welding technology can effectively reduce the number of solder joints, optimize the amount of materials, reduce the weight of parts, and reduce costs.

Advantage 2 Improve production efficiency

Laser welding can realize computer or digital control, precise positioning, fast welding speed, welding speed can reach tens of meters per minute, which helps to directly shorten the processing and manufacturing cycle and improve production efficiency;

Advantage 3: high welding quality, reducing unnecessary decoration

The laser beam can weld a small range of parts. After welding, the body sheet metal materials are integrated, the surface is smooth and tidy, and the overall texture does not need to be covered by additional decorative strips.

Advantage 4 Reduce the impact of tool loss and deformation

Laser welding technology is different from general contact welding methods. There is no need to use electrodes in the process of applying laser welding technology. It has very little impact on the loss and deformation of the machine. It can greatly reduce the heat input and reduce the heat generated by heat conduction. The incidence of adverse effects.

Advantage 5 Wide range of weldable materials, high cost performance

The welding of two materials with different physical properties can be realized, such as two metal materials with different resistances, and the actual welding process does not need to use X-rays for protection, and does not require a vacuum environment.

With the expansion of the global automobile market demand, while the automobile manufacturing process is accelerating, advanced manufacturing technology represented by laser technology is also continuously promoting the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry. The laser welding series of equipment independently developed by PTJ's partners can help automobile manufacturers improve the quality of welding interfaces, reduce accidents and losses caused by joint problems, and help companies achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase, and flexible response to the market Variety.

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