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Several grades of vertical machining centers

 Vertical machining center is a very broad concept, let alone it can be divided into different categories according to different structures and functions.

Even if it is the same type of vertical machining center, because of the difference in technology and performance, it will be different.

The brands in this class, both in appearance and inwardness, reflect a very high level of design. The vertical machining centers they produce are exquisite in workmanship and have impeccable machining capabilities and precision. Because of the high precision, the output is often low, and the price is also very expensive. The average price of each unit exceeds 1.5 million yuan, which is not affordable by ordinary processing companies.

World famous

The brands in this category are also world-renowned big names, familiar to them. The machining centers they produce are equally meticulous, generally small and medium-sized batches are produced, and quality control is in place. The product quality is excellent, and the average price of 800 to 1.5 million per unit is slightly lower than the first grade. Compared with the first grade of high and low quality, this grade of machine tools is the real sales champion in terms of sales.

Main machine tools of first- and second-tier enterprises

If the quality of the machining centers of the first two grades is good but the cost is too high, then this is the main force of equipment used by some domestic first- and second-line machining enterprises. The machining center of this grade brand is durable, stable, and has good machining accuracy and efficiency. The average price of 320,000 to 800,000 yuan per unit is also affordable for first- and second-tier companies. The important thing is that they can indeed guarantee the production quality of the enterprise. In this grade, we finally saw the processing centers independently produced by domestic enterprises.

Commonly used by SMEs

Machining centers of this grade can be seen in many small and medium-sized mechanical processing companies. Their working environment is generally harsh, and the homogeneity between brands is more serious, but they can complete processing tasks and improve processing efficiency. The accuracy is also acceptable, and the low price of 18 to 320,000, so it is widely used by many small and medium-sized enterprises.

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