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Comparison of Die Casting Technology Status at Home and Abroad

 The mold is a production tool. The quality of the mold directly affects the production and benefits of the die-casting enterprise.

The mold is the basis of the production of the die-casting enterprise. This has been gradually recognized by the die-casting industry. Even the manufacturers of die-casting machines are claiming that 70% of die-casting depends on molds and 30% on die-casting machines.

Therefore, whether at home or abroad, when choosing a die for a die-casting enterprise, especially when choosing a large precision die-casting die, the first consideration should be the quality of the die. The quality of the mold should include a number of content, such as the dimensional accuracy of the mold, the die-casting yield of the mold, the production efficiency of the die-casting, the reliability of the mold, and the life of the mold.

However, Chinese die-casting mold companies generally pay more attention to the accuracy of mold manufacturing. With the introduction of advanced equipment, and the introduction of advanced design and manufacturing software, the gap in this area is shrinking. But for the latter points, there is a big gap between my country's die-casting mold companies and foreign countries.

Judging from the current situation of domestic mold companies, most of them currently only pay attention to the casting system of the mold, that is, they only pay attention to whether the product can be die-casted, but not enough attention to the reliability of the mold, the production efficiency of the mold, and the life of the mold.

It can be said that in recent years, due to the equipment level of die casting mold companies, the introduction of testing equipment and the application of processing software, mold processing accuracy has generally improved, and the impact of the gating system on the quality of die casting products is also recognized.

However, most of the factors that affect mold die casting production yield, mold reliability, production efficiency, and mold life such as mold structure, mold strength calculation, mold cooling water circuit layout, etc., have not paid enough attention, resulting in frequent problems during mold use, or The efficiency is extremely low, which seriously affects the production, quality and efficiency of die casting enterprises.

Germany and Japan are constantly researching and improving the latter points. In terms of die-casting yield, die-casting production efficiency, mold reliability, and mold life, the gap between Chinese die-casting molds and foreign molds is relatively large. As a result, most companies would rather introduce foreign molds at several times the price than domestic molds.

In terms of large-scale precision die-casting molds, including molds capable of producing automobile engine blocks and automatic transmission housings, the gap is even greater. Because the quality of these products directly affects the performance of the engine and gearbox, and the subsequent processing costs are very high, the requirements for the die-casting yield of the mold, the production efficiency of the die-casting, and the reliability of the mold are higher.

Therefore, in the past two years in China, only a few mold manufacturers including PTJ have successfully developed, and the extremely high prices of foreign molds have severely restricted the development of the automotive industry.

In foreign countries, such large-scale precision die-casting molds are mainly concentrated in Japan, Germany and Italy. Although the mold design level and research level manufacturing level in Germany and Japan are higher than those in Italy, their market share in China is not high due to their high prices. Only for Japanese and German wholly-owned enterprises.

Due to the relatively low price of such molds in Italy, there are many such molds produced in Italy, including abroad. The Italian molds are currently used in China, and their design and manufacturing levels are not high.

However, due to the late start of Chinese die-casting mold manufacturing enterprises, there is little technological accumulation, especially because many companies have not engaged in die-casting production, and have no die-casting professionals, and they have less knowledge of large-scale die-casting molds, when they undertake such molds , The mold can be manufactured, but most of the development is unsuccessful, mainly in several aspects:

  • First, there are major problems in the use of molds, high failure rates, stuck sliders, core breaks, and even mold cracks;
  • Second, the production efficiency of die-casting is extremely low, resulting in excessive die-casting costs;
  • Third, the die-casting yield rate is low, and after the product is processed, pores, shrinkage holes, and leaks appear, causing a large amount of scrap;
  • Fourth, it is unable to adapt to full-automatic die-casting production. Due to the improvement of the equipment level of die-casting enterprises in recent years, more and more companies have introduced full-automatic die-casting equipment, which can meet the requirements of full-automatic die-casting production.

In terms of die-casting molds, the requirements for mold cooling and mold reliability are higher. As a result, such large-scale precision die-casting molds are currently mainly imported. It is difficult for domestic die-casting mold companies to compete with foreign companies.

Of course, some domestic excellent die-casting molds are also aware of this problem. For this reason, under the premise of paying attention to the design of the die-casting gating system, it is closely related to the die-casting production yield, mold reliability, mold production efficiency and mold life. In other aspects, it has actively carried out research work and increased investment in scientific research, and has made certain achievements.

 For example, some companies have successfully developed magnesium alloy die-casting molds for automobile IP dashboards, automatic transmission housings, automobile four-cylinder blocks, and the largest and most complex V6 cylinder block die-casting molds in China. Die-casting molds, and has undertaken many high-end molds for export.

These molds have absorbed many advanced technologies from Japan and Germany, and achieved excellent results. The mold level has been significantly improved. Although there is still a certain gap in the details of molds from advanced countries such as Japan and Germany, the overall level of molds has been greatly improved, and some have reached international standards and have been well received by users.

Therefore, speed up the development and research of large-scale precision die-casting molds, improve the level of mold design and manufacturing, surpass Italy, and reduce the gap with Japanese and German molds. It is for occupying the domestic market, opening up the international market, and driving the improvement of the overall level of Chinese die-casting molds. , Both have far-reaching significance.

At the same time, improving the level of China's large-scale precision die-casting molds is also of great significance to enhancing the competitiveness of China's automotive industry and improving the development capabilities and manufacturing levels of the automotive industry.

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