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Hydraulic technical characteristics of hydraulic automatic lathe

 For hydraulic automatic lathes, its core technology is the use of hydraulic technology, which is different from the salient features of linear-track CNC lathes. 

It can be seen that hydraulic technology is very important to hydraulic automatic lathes. CNC machining summarizes the following characteristics of hydraulic technology:

Hydraulic Automatic Lathe Advantages

  • 1. Compared with mechanical and electric drives, hydraulic transmission has a smaller volume and weight under the condition of the same output power, so the inertia is small and the action is sensitive.
  • 2. It works smoothly, it won't cause vibration and impact due to machining and assembly errors like mechanical transmission. The oil itself has the ability to absorb vibration. Therefore, it is convenient to realize frequent commutation.
  • 3. It can realize stepless speed regulation in a larger range. Transmission ratio Vmax/Vmin=1000 or more.
  • 4. The operation is simple and convenient to realize automation.
  • 5. Can automatically prevent overload.
  • 6. ​​The parts work in oil and have a long life.
  • 7. It is easy to realize the three modernizations (standardization, serialization, generalization), reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten the design and creation cycle of hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic Automatic Lathe Disadvantages

  1. Low efficiency. As a working medium, hydraulic oil has volume loss in addition to mechanical wear, so the total efficiency is only between 80% and 90%.
  2. Since hydraulic transmission uses oil as the medium, it is easy to leak on the surface of relative movement. At the same time, the liquid is not absolutely incompressible, and the oil pipe will also be elastically deformed under pressure. Therefore, hydraulic transmission should not be used in the case of strict transmission ratio requirements. .
  3. The dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy, and matching accuracy of hydraulic components are required to be high. For example, the gap between the valve and the valve hole is within 0.007-0.02 mm; the out-of-roundness and non-cylindricality requirements are within 0.003-0.005 mm.
  4. It is not easy to check and eliminate the failure.

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