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Linear motion accuracy detection of CNC machining center

 The movement of each moving part of the machine tool is completed under the control of the numerical control device, and the accuracy of each moving part under the control of the program instruction directly reflects the accuracy of the machined part.

Therefore, it is necessary to check the movement accuracy of the equipment before processing. Such as:

1, linear motion positioning accuracy detection

Linear motion positioning accuracy is generally carried out under no-load conditions of the machine tool and worktable. According to national standards and the provisions of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO standards), the inspection of CNC machine tools should be based on laser measurement. In the absence of a laser interferometer, for general users, a standard scale can also be used with an optical reading microscope for comparative measurement. However, the accuracy of the measuring instrument must be 1 to 2 levels higher than the measured accuracy.

2, linear motion repeat positioning accuracy detection

The instrument used for detection is the same as that used for detection of positioning accuracy. The general detection method is to measure at any three positions near the midpoint and both ends of each coordinate stroke.

Each position is positioned by rapid movement, and the positioning is repeated 7 times under the same conditions, and the value of the stop position is measured and the reading is calculated to the large difference. Take one half of the difference between the larger of the three positions and attach the positive and negative signs as the repeated positioning accuracy of the coordinate, which is the basic index reflecting the stability of the axis motion accuracy.

3, the detection of the accuracy of returning to the origin of linear motion

Origin return accuracy is essentially the repeated positioning accuracy of a special point on the coordinate axis, so its detection method is completely the same as the repeated positioning accuracy.

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