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PTJ Shop is Cnc Machining Expert has 12 years experience on custom non-standard parts. As a cnc machining factory We Material research & Design and manufacture products,Material types included machining aluminium,stainless steel,brass,copper,titanium,magnesium and plastic machining etc.,. our factory located in Dongguan, occupies an area Over 5,000 square meters. Cnc Machining Online Quote Serviced aircraft&aerospace, automotive, LED lighting,bike,medical,electronic,mechanical,Oil&Energy and Military industries. Most of Our Customer business who base on Canada, Israel, Japan, Europe and USA, the business grow up year by year. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation, warmly welcome you join us to share the market, and expand our business together!

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Processing range and function of small CNC milling machine

 Point control function The point control of the CNC milling machine is mainly used for hole processing of workpieces, such as center drill positioning, drilling, reaming, countersinking, reaming, and boring.

Continuous control function through the linear interpolation, circular interpolation or complex curve interpolation movement of the CNC milling machine, milling the plane and curved surface of the workpiece.

If you program directly according to the contour of the workpiece, the actual contour will be larger by the tool radius value when processing the inner contour of the workpiece; when the outer contour of the workpiece is processed, the actual contour will be smaller by the cutter radius value. Using the method of tool radius compensation, the CNC system automatically calculates the tool center trajectory, so that the tool center deviates from the contour of the workpiece by a tool radius value, thereby processing a contour that meets the requirements of the drawing. Using the tool radius compensation function, changing the tool radius compensation amount can also compensate the tool wear amount and machining error, and realize the rough machining and finishing of the workpiece.

Tool length compensation function   change the compensation amount of the tool length, can compensate the length deviation value after the tool change, can also change the plane position of the cutting process, and control the axial positioning accuracy of the tool.

Canned cycle processing function: The application of canned cycle processing instructions can simplify the processing procedure and reduce the workload of programming.

Subroutine function   If the same or similar part of the workpiece is processed, write it into a subroutine and call it by the main program, thus simplifying the program structure. The function of quoting subprograms makes the processing program modular, which is divided into several modules according to the working procedures of the processing process, which are respectively written into subprograms, which are called by the main program to complete the processing of the workpiece. This modular program is convenient for processing debugging and optimizing processing technology.

CNC milling machine processing range

Plane processing: CNC machine tool milling plane can be divided into the horizontal plane (XY) processing of the workpiece, the front plane (XZ) processing of the workpiece and the side plane (YZ) processing of the workpiece. As long as a two-axis semi-controlled CNC milling machine is used, the milling of such a plane can be completed.

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