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Rigid performance of CNC gantry milling machine

 The CNC gantry milling machine is suitable for milling the horizontal plane, vertical plane or bevel groove of large and medium-sized ferrous metal or non-ferrous metal parts on various machinery, milling and boring head

, and can also perform boring and drilling and various types according to user needs Improve, and undertake all kinds of cnc machining and manufacturing at the same time.

Rigidity refers to the vibration generated by the machine tool when processing the product. The rigidity is high and the vibration is small, and the rigidity is small and the vibration is large. The machine bed and transmission system directly affect the rigidity of the entire machine tool. Machine tools with different rigidities have a great influence on the selection and loss of tools when processing products, and also directly affect production efficiency and production costs. The CNC gantry milling machine has the characteristics of sufficient rigidity, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple structure and full performance.

The rigidity of the machine tool is embodied in two aspects: static rigidity represents the magnitude of the deformation of the machine tool itself caused by the machine tool in the cutting process. In addition, there are the deformation of the guide rail, the deformation of the bed and so on. Static rigidity is composed of many factors, but the main link is the static rigidity of the three-axis screw system (the lathe has 2 axes).

Dynamic rigidity is an important index to measure the rigidity of a machine tool. In layman's terms, the dynamic rigidity of a machine tool refers to the ability of the machine tool to resist forced vibration, which is called the natural frequency in terminology.

The tool rotates at a high speed during cutting, and the rotating cutting and the unevenness or impurities inside the material cause vibration. The cutting part is the vibration source of the whole equipment. The lead screw system, guide rail system of the equipment, and the bed will produce forced vibration when affected by the vibration source. If the vibration of each part of the machine tool is large, it will have a very adverse effect on the processing, mainly affecting the roughness of the cutting and tool life, and it will have a fatal effect on high-precision processing.

Dynamic rigidity is affected by many aspects. The main ones are the dynamic rigidity of the lead screw guide system and the anti-vibration frequency of the machine bed cast iron. Of course, the spindle rigidity is the basic and important link.

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