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Guide rail type of CNC machining center

 The main function of the guide rail of the CNC machining center is to support the three-axis motion. The guide rail of the machining center can be divided into two types, namely the hard rail and the linear rail.

These two types of guide rails have their own advantages and their own advantages. Features.

Hard rail refers to a casting in which the guide rail and the bed are integrated. After the casting is produced, it is processed and derailed. The shape of the guide rail is cast on the bed, and the guide rail is processed after crushing and grinding; there are also different bed and guide rails. As a whole, for example, a steel-inlaid guide rail is nailed to the bed body after the casting is produced.

The hard rail has the characteristics of high rigidity, strong load capacity, and high stability. The machining center equipped with hard rail is more suitable for processing large molds or large workpieces. Because the touch area of ​​the movement is too large, the conflict resistance becomes larger, resulting in too fast abrasion, limited movement speed, and a long time, which simply causes the slow creeping phenomenon. Therefore, many manufacturing and processing center manufacturers use the guide rail pasting technology to reduce conflict resistance.

The full name of linear guide is linear guide, which is generally called rolling guide in the industry. According to the internal structure of the linear slide block, it can be divided into two types: ball guide and roller guide. The difference between the two is that the ball guide moves with point touch, while the roller guide moves with line touch. The principle is the same. The same is the rolling motion on the guide rail.

The line track has the characteristics of low conflict resistance, fast moving speed and no slow creeping phenomenon. Machining centers equipped with linear rails are more suitable for processing products, such as small parts. The other aspects of the linear rail are good, that is, the rigidity is not as good as the hard rail, so the machining center equipped with the linear rail cannot realize the load processing.

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