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Tool change method of machining center

The CNC machining center, like other CNC milling processing equipment, has the ability to process complex curved workpieces and special-shaped contour workpieces. It also has the advanced function of automatically changing processing tools. 

With the help of this processing feature, the machine tool can realize automatic transfer processing of various types of workpieces, especially multi-process complex workpieces.

The tool magazine enables better storage and management of the processing tools in each process of the workpiece. The automatic tool change mechanism enables the machine tool to replace the corresponding processing tools in the cutting process in time when each process is completed. 

They are independent and independent of each other. An indivisible whole. The tool change mechanism is different according to the different tool magazine configuration of the machine tool.

According to the different processing forms and processing requirements of CNC machining centers, the common tool magazines mainly include hat type tool magazines, disc manipulator tool magazines, chain tool magazines, etc. The corresponding tool change methods can be divided into direct tool change methods, manipulator tool change methods and turret head methods. Let's take a look at their respective characteristics:

Generally, the tool magazine equipped with a manipulator tool changer often uses a disc type tool magazine. The so-called manipulator tool change method means that the manipulator grasps the tool, selects the tool and changes the tool when changing the tool. Responsible for transferring tools between the tool magazine and the spindle of the CNC machining center, sending the replaced tools back to the tool magazine, and then pushing the tools that need to be used onto the spindle.

Direct tool change means that the tool change process is completed by the cooperation of the tool magazine and the spindle box. This is a direct tool change method. The generally configured tool magazine is a hat type.

The turret head mode is a tool change mode in which the required tool is moved to the corresponding position through the rotation of the brick tower. It is generally a sequential tool change, which has the advantages of compact structure and short tool change time. It is generally used to process slender workpieces such as crankshafts and needs to complete multiple processes in complex process processing situations.

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