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The Causes Of Instability During CNC Machining

 When we use CNC lathes in the production and machining industry, what is the reason for the imbalance of the workpieces processed by CNC lathes?

The following editor will explain in detail for you.

1. The size of the workpiece is accurate, and the surface finish is poor

Problem factors: the cutting edge of the CNC blade is damaged and not sharp; the CNC lathe has resonance and the placement is unbalanced; the CNC lathe has a creeping condition; the machining procedure is wrong.

Solution: The CNC blade is damaged, re-sharpening or choosing a better CNC blade; the CNC lathe produces resonance or unbalanced placement, and needs to adjust the horizontal plane to maintain balance; the factor of mechanical creep is the damage of the pallet guide rail, and attention should be paid to maintenance. Clean the iron wire in time, and add lubricant on time; choose the coolant suitable for the production and machining of the workpiece, and choose the higher spindle bearing speed as much as possible when the production and machining regulations of other processes can be met.

2. The condition of the taper and size of the workpiece

Problem factors: The horizontal plane of the CNC lathe is not adjusted properly, the height is uneven, and the placement is unbalanced; when turning the long axis, the CNC blade eats the tool deeper, resulting in a tool yield; the tailstock thimble is not concentric with the spindle bearing.

Solution: Use a level to adjust the level of the CNC lathe, lay a solid foundation, and determine the CNC lathe to improve its resistance; choose an effective process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the force of the CNC blade to make the knife; CNC lathe adjusts the tailstock .

3. The driver position light is normal, but the size of the workpiece produced is sometimes large or small

Problem factors: the CNC lathe pallet runs at high speed for a long time, causing damage to the screw and bearing; the continuous positioning accuracy of the tool holder causes errors in the long-term application; the pallet can accurately return to the starting point of production and machining every time, but the workpiece is produced and processed The size is still changing. Such problems are usually caused by the spindle bearing. The high-speed rolling of the spindle bearing causes severe damage to the bearing, resulting in changes in the production and machining dimensions.


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