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Five problems should be paid attention to when installing CNC lathe tools

 As an important part of CNC lathes, CNC tools mainly include the installation of external turning tools, the installation of inner hole tools, the accuracy of tool mounting and tool setting,

which directly affect the preparation of processing programs and the dimensional accuracy of parts, as well as the cutting performance. Whether it goes smoothly and the processing quality of the workpiece. 

Therefore, CNC machining manufacturers remind that in the process of installing CNC lathe tools, the following five issues should be paid attention to:

  1. The length of the turning tool out of the tool holder should be appropriate. The turning tool is installed on the tool holder. Generally, the length of the extended tool holder is 1 to 1.5 times the thickness of the tool holder. It should not be too long. Excessive extension will make the rigidity of the tool holder worse, and it will easily produce vibration during cutting, which will affect the workpiece. Surface roughness and tool life. The extension of the CNC lathe is too short, which will affect chip removal and the operator's observation of cutting conditions.
  2. The tip of the turning tool should generally be the same height as the axis of the workpiece. If the tool tip of a CNC lathe tool is not at the same height as the axis of the workpiece, the position of the base plane and the cutting plane will change, and the size of the front and back angles of the turning tool will be changed. When the tip of the tool is higher than the axis, the clearance angle will be reduced, increasing the friction between the flank of the turning tool and the workpiece, affecting the quality of the workpiece and reducing the tool life; when the tip of the tool is lower than the axis of the workpiece, it will cause the rake angle Reduced, cutting is not smooth.
  3. The horn of the CNC lathe tool should be flat, the smaller the number, the better, and the horn should be aligned with the tool post to prevent vibration.
  4. The center line of the tool bar of the CNC lathe should be perpendicular to the feed direction, otherwise the values ​​of the primary and secondary deflection angles will change.
  5. The CNC lathe turning tool must be pressed on the tool holder with at least two screws, and tightened one by one, and the tightening force should be appropriate.

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