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The Features Of Small Five-Axis Machining Center

 Small five-axis machining centers have a decisive influence on China's core science and technology industries. For example, aviation, aerospace, military, high-precision medical equipment, and high-precision molds are the core science and technology industries in China. 

The development of science and technology is very important. Some complex parts used in aerospace cannot be processed without a five-axis machining center. Even if they are processed, they cannot meet the accuracy requirements, such as: propellers for propeller aircraft, blades for turbojet engines, and Impellers, etc., can be processed only with five-axis machining centers. The emergence of five-axis machining centers has solved many difficulties that cannot be machined, and solved the processing of complex curved parts such as impellers, blades, and marine propellers.

In general, there are many ways to install A and C rotating shafts on the workbench, and it is also the most common in the market. The size of the workpiece to be processed by this type of installation of the rotating shaft is limited, and it cannot process larger workpieces, nor can it be loaded with a machining center, because the A-rotation load-bearing capacity is limited.

Features of small five-axis machining center

The small five-axis machining center has five motion axes, namely XYZ linear axis and AC rotary axis. It has two more rotating axes than conventional machining centers, so it can process parts that are difficult or impossible to process by conventional three-axis machining centers. The understanding is that the range that the five-axis machining center can process is wider than that of the conventional three-axis machining center. The five-axis machining center has two rotating shafts, which can perform multi-process and multi-face machining on the workpiece at one time, which improves the processing and production efficiency as a whole, avoids the accuracy errors caused by multiple clamping, and improves the machining accuracy. The five-axis machining center can process a variety of complex curved surfaces, such as impellers, blades, and other complex curved surfaces.

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