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Use of machining center machine

 Machining center machines are suitable for complex, multi-process, and high-precision parts. It requires multiple types of ordinary machine tools and a variety of tools and tooling to complete processing parts after multiple clamping and adjustments.

The main processing objects are the following four categories.

(1) Box parts

Box parts generally refer to parts with multiple holes, a cavity inside, and a certain proportion of length, width, and height. There are many such parts in machine tool, automobile, aircraft and other industries, for example, automobile engine block, gearbox block, machine tool headbox, axle box, diesel engine block, gear pump housing, etc.

Box parts generally require multi-station machining of holes, contours, and planes. The tolerance requirements, especially the form and position tolerance requirements, are relatively strict. Usually, milling, hammering, drilling, expansion, reaming, filling, tapping and other processes are carried out. There are many tools and tooling used. It requires multiple clamping and alignment on ordinary machine tools, and the number of measurements is too many. This leads to complex processes, long processing cycles, high costs, and more importantly, it is difficult to guarantee accuracy. Such parts are in the machining center. For upper processing, one-time clamping can complete 60-95% of the process content of ordinary machine tools. The accuracy of the parts is good, the quality is stable, and the production cycle can be shortened and the production cost can be reduced.

When there are many processing stations and the worktable needs to be rotated multiple times to complete the parts, the horizontal machining center is generally selected. When the processing stations are less and the span is not large, the vertical machining center can be selected from one end. For processing.

(2) Complex surface

Like the CNC milling machine, the machining center is also suitable for processing complex curved surfaces, such as aircraft, auto parts, impellers, propellers, and various curved surface forming molds.

As far as the processing possibilities are concerned, when there is no overcutting or processing blind areas, the complex inner surface can generally be processed with a ball-end milling cutter for three-coordinate linkage processing. The processing accuracy is high, but the efficiency is low. If the workpiece has overcutting Or machining blind areas, such as integral impellers, etc., must consider the use of four-coordinate or five-coordinate machine tools.

Only processing complex curved surfaces can not take advantage of the automatic tool change of the machining center, because the processing of complex curved surfaces generally goes through rough milling, (semi) finishing milling, root cleaning and other steps. Fewer tools are used, especially for molds. Single piece processing.

(3) Special-shaped parts

Special-shaped parts are parts with irregular shapes, and most of them need to be mixed with points, lines and surfaces, such as brackets, bases, templates, profiling, brackets, etc. The rigidity of special-shaped parts is poor, the clamping pressure and cutting deformation are difficult to control, and the machining accuracy is difficult to guarantee. At this time, the process concentration of the machining center can be fully utilized, reasonable process measures, one or two clamping, to complete multiple processes or all processing content, experience shows that when processing special-shaped parts, the more complex the shape, the greater the accuracy requirements High, the use of machining center can show its advantages.

(4) Discs, sleeves, plate parts

Disc sleeves or shaft parts with keyways or radial holes, or with distributed holes on the end surface and curved surfaces, for example, shaft parts with flange sleeves, keyways or square heads, etc.: more porous processing Plate parts, such as various motor covers.

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