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PTJ Shop is Cnc Machining Expert has 12 years experience on custom non-standard parts. As a cnc machining factory We Material research & Design and manufacture products,Material types included machining aluminium,stainless steel,brass,copper,titanium,magnesium and plastic machining etc.,. our factory located in Dongguan, occupies an area Over 5,000 square meters. Cnc Machining Online Quote Serviced aircraft&aerospace, automotive, LED lighting,bike,medical,electronic,mechanical,Oil&Energy and Military industries. Most of Our Customer business who base on Canada, Israel, Japan, Europe and USA, the business grow up year by year. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation, warmly welcome you join us to share the market, and expand our business together!

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What are the tips for turning threads using CNC lathes?

 Thread processing is common in mechanical processing, and thread processing is required. In the past, most mechanical processing used ordinary lathes to process threads.

With the popularity of CNC lathes, what are the tips when using CNC lathes to process threads?

Use CNC lathe processing tips:

  • (1) Optimize the feed method, number of passes and size;
  • (2) Use the correct blade geometry;
  • (3) Correct cutting speed to meet application requirements;
  • (4) Before cutting into the workpiece, it is recommended that the tool should start at a small distance of 3 times the pitch;
  • (5) Check the setting of the cutting edge relative to the pitch diameter;
  • (6) To obtain the correct flank clearance by selecting the appropriate shim with a sufficiently large and uniform gap (blade-tilted shim);
  • (7) If the thread is unqualified, check the entire clamping including the machine tool;
  • (8) Check whether the diameter of the workpiece has the correct machining allowance before thread turning, and add 0.14mm as the crest allowance;

The above are some frequently used techniques for machining threads with CNC lathes. I hope I can help you during machining. If you want to know about technical articles about CNC lathes, you can follow us!

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