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How to maintain the honing machine?

 The honing machine is a precision equipment, and long-term operation will damage the hardware equipment of the honing machine, which will affect the working efficiency and service life of the honing machine.

So how do we maintain the honing machine?

The maintenance of the new machine in the running-in period is very simple and neglected. The general running-in period of the maintenance of the new honing machine is about 24 hours. The running-in period ensures the normal operation of the machine, reduces the faults of the machine, and more importantly, enables the CNC The service life of the honing machine is longer. 

Some people neglect these processes in the running-in period of the new machine in order to make the machine quickly produced, and the loss received in the later period is usually greater than this benefit. Several major characteristics of the running-in period, such as fast wear speed, poor smoothness, loosening, leakage appearance, and many operating errors will cause different degrees of damage to the machine. 

The maintenance during the running-in period is based on protection. Due to the particularity of the new machine, during the running-in period, you should refer to the relevant manuals and materials, fully understand the machine function, grasp the necessary operation and protect the new machine experience before you can operate the machine tool. The work load of the new machine tool during the running-in period should not be too large. After a period of operation, the machine should be stopped for a period of time to prevent the machine from overloading during the running-in period and causing the machine tool to exhibit excessive temperature.

In other periods of operation, you should check the use of various oils of the machine to ensure that the smooth oil between each live shaft increases in time to avoid wear. At the same time, we must adhere to the cleaning of the machine tool and adjust the loose parts of the confinement. Insist on cleaning up the chips on the machine tool in time after daily work, develop a habit of constantly checking the machine tool and adding lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, etc., adhere to the standard machine operation, and then improve the honing machine Use life.

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