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What is the reason why the electrode is easily worn out during mirror spark machining

 The spark machine is a common processing equipment, and the advantage of the mirror spark machine is that it can process the mirror effect, which can save the polishing step. 

However, the mirror spark machine has the phenomenon of large electrode loss, and the large loss easily increases the cnc machining price

And it is easy to produce incorrect parameters during processing, leading to poor quality results. Today, I will tell you what are the reasons for the large motor loss.

  • 1. If the mirror spark machine is used improperly, the processing parameters of low loss priority should be adopted, and some small accessories can be processed by small electrical grade.
  • 2. The number of discharge conditions is too strong. The solution is to use a large current as a small electrode at the tip of the mirror spark.
  • 3. The discharge energy is too small. The solution is that the mirror spark machine has low efficiency and long electrode discharge time. If the electrode is worn out and the processing speed is slow, please increase the processing efficiency.
  • 4. Mirror spark electromechanical electrode material is not good. The solution is to use high-purity copper, or use low-loss low-loss Luo copper or even copper-tungsten alloy as the electrode material.
  • 5. The pulse width of the mirror spark machine is too small. This solution increases the pulse width in the condition number, which can significantly reduce the electrode loss.
  • 6. The pulse waveform adopts low-loss, inclined discharge waveform mode.

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