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Different maintenance measures at different stages of spark machine

 EDM machines are familiar to many processing manufacturers. Because of their different processing modes and more special features, many manufacturers use EDM machines when processing molds. 

However, EDM machines need maintenance after being used for a period of time. The maintenance measures at each stage are different.

 Let’s discuss with you the different maintenance measures at different stages of the spark machine.

Daily maintenance

  • 1. The workbench of the spark machine should be kept clean. If it is not proper, it will easily cause the workbench to rust.
  • 2. Check whether the pressure of the oil pump is normal.
  • 3. The appearance of the equipment is kept tidy.

Weekly maintenance

  • 1 Fill the manual oiler with oil, press 3 times each time.
  • 2. Check the oil level.

Monthly maintenance

  • 1. Grease is provided on each guide rail of the spark machine.
  • 2. Check the accuracy of the disk (whether the flatness measured by the dial indicator is correct).

Maintenance every season

  • 1. Check whether the liquid level of the spark machine is normal (use the level to measure the level of the workbench is correct).
  • 2. Check the three-axis accuracy of the spark motor (whether the stroke is correct with the pitch gauge).

Annual maintenance

  • 1. Check and clean the spark groove.
  • 2. Check the Z-axis lubricant of the spark machine as carefully as possible, and choose whether to change it or not according to the actual situation.
  • 3. Check and clean the electrical cabinet.

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