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Analysis of Key Points in Operating CNC Lathe Machining Center

CNC lathe machining center is a branch of automated lathes. It mainly produces complex parts and has the advantages of strong comprehensive ability, high precision, and high efficiency.

 It has complex shapes and high precision requirements for single-piece machining or medium and small batch multi-variety production. More applicable. The following is a brief analysis of the main points of operating a CNC lathe machining center.

  1. In order to simplify the positioning and installation, each positioning surface of the fixture should have an accurate coordinate size relative to the machining origin of the machining center.
  2. In order to ensure that the installation position of the parts is consistent with the direction of the workpiece coordinate system and machine tool coordinate system selected in the programming, and the orientation installation.
  3. It can be changed into a fixture suitable for new workpieces after a short time of disassembly. Since the auxiliary time of the CNC machining center has been compressed to a very short time, the loading and unloading of the supporting fixtures cannot take much time.
  4. The fixture should have as few components as possible and high rigidity.
  5. The clamp should be as open as possible, the space position of the clamping element can be as low as possible, and the installation clamp should not interfere with the tool path of the work step.
  6. Ensure that all machining contents of the workpiece are completed within the stroke range of the spindle.
  7. For CNC machining centers with interactive worktables, the fixture design must prevent the space interference between fixtures and machine tools due to the movement, lifting, lowering, and rotation of the worktable.
  8. Try to complete all machining content in one clamping. When it is necessary to replace the clamping point, pay special attention not to damage the positioning accuracy due to the replacement of the clamping point, and explain it in the process file if necessary.
  9. For the contact between the bottom surface of the fixture and the worktable, the flatness of the bottom surface of the fixture must be within 0.01-0.02mm, and the surface roughness should not exceed Ra3.2um.

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