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Common Types Of Parts Processed By CNC Lathes

At present, CNC lathe turning machining is an important part of CNC machining. Compared with ordinary lathes, it has many advantages, such as high machining accuracy, straight line, automatic transmission and other advantages.

 It can be seen that CNC lathe machining can fully meet the requirements of ordinary lathe machining, and the accuracy is more accurate, such as revolving parts. The following PTJ discusses the types of parts processed by CNC lathes.

Revolving parts are divided into bushings, roulettes and other types. The difference between bushings and roulette parts is the aspect ratio. Generally, parts with an aspect ratio greater than 1 are regarded as shaft parts; parts with an aspect ratio less than 1 are regarded as roulette parts.

1. Bushing parts

The length of shaft sleeve parts is greater than the diameter, and most of the processed surfaces are inner and outer circumferential surfaces. The generatrix of the circumferential surface profile can be a straight line parallel to the z-axis, cutting to form a stepped shaft, and the shaft can have threads and backspaces, etc.; it can also be an oblique line, which can be cut to form a taper or taper thread; it can also be an arc or Curve (programmed with parametric equation), cut to form a curved surface.

2. Roulette parts

The diameter of the roulette parts is greater than the length, and the processed surface is mostly end faces. The generatrix of the end caster can be straight, oblique, arc, curve or end thread, taper thread, etc.

3. Other parts

The CNC lathe is the same as the ordinary lathe. It can be equipped with a special chuck or fixture to process an eccentric shaft or process a hole or a cylinder on the box or plate.

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