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Common problems and solutions during batch processing of small machining centers

 There will be some problems in the use of small machining centers that affect the processing effect and production efficiency.

The causes of these problems may be due to the wear of equipment parts, or improper operation, and the processing procedures are not scientific enough. What problems need special attention in the actual operation process?

Small machining center smoothly machining guide rail

Problem 1: The size of the workpiece is not accurate enough, and the surface finish is poor

The cause of the problem: the tip of the CNC tool is damaged and not sharp enough; the small machining center is not placed smoothly, and the machining process produces resonance; the machining process is not ideal.

Solution: re-grind the tool or choose a better tool for tool calibration; the small machining center will resonate or be unstable during the machining process. The horizontal position should be adjusted to lay the foundation and be stable and fixed; the small machining center should pay attention to maintenance and commute After that, clean the wire and add lubricating oil in time to reduce friction; choose a coolant suitable for workpiece processing, and if it can meet the processing requirements of other processes, try to choose a higher spindle speed.

Problem 2: Out-of-tolerance of workpieces during batch processing

The small machining center has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency. With the participation of the manipulator, the processing requirements of multiple processes can be completed by one clamping. Therefore, the batch processing of complex and heterogeneous workpieces is the characteristic of the small machining center. The out-of-tolerance phenomenon affects the pass rate of the order parts.

Cause: The horizontal placement of the small machining center is not adjusted properly, one is high and the other is low, and the placement is not stable; the workpiece material is relatively hard, and the tool eats deeply, resulting in the phenomenon of letting the knife;

Solution: Use a level to re-adjust the level of the small machining center, lay a solid foundation, and fix the machine tool to improve its toughness; choose a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the tool being forced to give it to the knife; adjust the tailstock in time.

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