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Maintenance measures for EDM machine tools

 EDM is a high-strength machining equipment, and it has an irreplaceable position in the mechanical processing industry. 

Therefore, daily maintenance during use has also become an important task, which can ensure that the electrical spark is kept in good condition, so that The use value is higher, the following is the maintenance work of the EDM machining.

The guide wheel and the bearing of the EDM CNC wire cutting machine tool are the service life of the guide wheel and the bearing. The dirty coolant should be replaced. For example: the machine tool cannot be opened in a short time, the guide wheel cannot be rotated for tens of seconds, the guide wheel and the guide The dirty water of the wheel sleeve is thrown out after a small amount of oil is injected, and then it rotates for tens of seconds to throw out the oil and dirt in the gap and inject a small amount of oil. Keep the guide wheels and bearings in a clean state,

The RRC connecting cable between the CNC EDM cabinet and the machine must be dragged and washed with a protective cover or a plastic plate. It cannot be dented freely. In the free state of the loose cable, the external force is not pulling, not the cable plug force. The corrugated sleeve that will not be crushed breaks.

The electric spark numerical control electric spark and the screw slide rail should not be mixed with dirty water and dirt. Once it is stained with dirt, wipe it clean, and then use a clean cotton yarn with absorbent cotton dipped in 10# oil to gently wipe it again.

Pay attention when moving the CNC machine tool, lift it gently, and try not to plug or unplug the circuit board with hands with oil or water.

Couplings and keys on the barrel shaft of the wire EDM machine tool and the motor should always be in a tight and stable state. If the key is loose and the coupling is impacted, the coupling pad and key should be replaced immediately. After a long period of commutation with clearance, the deformation of the keyway on the shaft will increase. It is necessary to make the conductive block have good conductivity and insulation of the machine tool for a long time, and the wire of the motor cannot be immersed in water.

No part of the EDM machine bed shall be bumped or collided, especially the wire frame and the bed surface shall not interfere, because over-travel movement will seriously damage the parts or accuracy of the machine tool.

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