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The fixed cycle function setting of CNC machining center

 The fixed cycle function setting of the CNC machining center is mainly used for hole processing, including drilling, boring, and tapping.

All the actions of a hole machining can be completed with one block. If the hole machining action does not need to be changed, all the modal data in the program can be omitted, so the programming can be greatly simplified.

The definition plane of the canned cycle:

Initial plane: The initial plane is a plane specified for safe cutting. The distance from the initial plane to the surface of the part can be arbitrarily set at a safe height. When using the same tool to machine several holes, only when there are obstacles between the holes and need to jump or all the holes are processed, the G98 function can be used to return the tool to The initial point on the initial plane.

R point plane: The R point plane is also called the R reference plane. This plane is the height plane from the rapid traverse to the work advance when the tool moves. The distance from the surface of the work piece mainly considers the change of the surface size of the work piece, generally 2~5mm. When using G99, the tool will return to point R on the plane.

Hole bottom plane: when machining blind holes, the bottom plane of the hole is the height of the Z-axis of the bottom of the hole. When machining through holes, the tool generally has to extend out of the bottom plane of the workpiece for a certain distance. The main purpose is to ensure that all holes are processed to the size. The impact of the drill tip on the hole depth should also be considered.

Return to point plane: When the tool reaches the bottom of the hole, the tool can return to the R point plane or the initial position plane, which is specified by G98 and G99. If G98 is commanded, the tool returns to the initial plane; if G99 is commanded, the tool returns to the R point plane.

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