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Hole processing of CNC machining center

Since the 1970s, CNC machining centers have developed rapidly, presenting a replaceable headstock machining center, which is equipped with multiple multi-axis headstocks with tools that can be actively replaced, and can perform multi-hole machining on the workpiece together. 

This multi-process integrated machining method has also been extended to other types of CNC machine tools, such as turning centers, which are equipped with multiple active tool change devices on the CNC lathe, which can control more than three coordinates. In addition to turning, the spindle can stop Rotation or indexing, while milling, drilling, reaming and tapping are performed by tool rotation, which is suitable for machining messy rotating parts.

Machining has always occupied an important position in CNC machining. How to compile the correct program after the reasonable machining technology is compiled will directly affect whether the workpiece is qualified. Complex hole machining will use many functions in the CNC system. Such as: hole machining canned cycle, subroutine, polar coordinate, coordinate rotation, etc. Therefore, how to apply these instructions flexibly in the machining program will directly affect the rationality of the program.

When machining a hole in a machining center, first move the tool quickly and accurately to the position of the hole centerline in the XY plane, and then move along the Z direction for machining.

Hole Machining: Before drilling holes on the machining center, be sure to use a center drill for positioning, then use a drill that is 0.5 to 2 mm smaller than the drawing size for drilling, and then use a suitable drill for finishing;

Boring machining: To boring the workpiece, first use a center drill to locate, then use a drill that is 1~2mm smaller than the drawing size to drill, and then use a rough boring tool (or milling cutter) to process to only one side 0.3mm For the left and right machining allowance, use the fine boring tool with the pre-adjusted size for fine boring, and the final fine boring allowance cannot be less than 0.1mm;

Reaming machining: When reaming the workpiece, you must first use a center drill to locate, then use a drill 0.5~0.3mm smaller than the drawing size to drill, and then use a reamer to ream. When reaming, pay attention to controlling the spindle speed at 70 ~180rpm/min;

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