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How to process the end face of a CNC gantry milling machine

 CNC gantry milling machine processing refers to the use of CNC gantry milling machines to perform related operations on parts. 

Generally, the gantry milling machine can only mill longitudinally along the worktable, and is powerless for the mechanics of the transverse end face, especially the end face of the longer part. For one side, a horizontal milling head can be used for milling, while the opposite side cannot be milled. When encountering the above machined surfaces, milling must be carried out on a gantry milling machine, which increases the machining cycle of the parts, and it is also difficult to earn the position accuracy of these machined surfaces. 

In order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to equip accessories, which can not be able to complete more processing surfaces in one installation, shorten the processing cycle of large parts and ensure accuracy.

Points to note when car end faces

  • 1. The tip of the turning tool should be aligned with the center of the workpiece to avoid leaving a boss in the center of the turning end face.
  • 2. The end face of the partial knife turning tool is easy to pierce the knife when the amount of the knife is large. The choice of back-cutting amount ap: ap=0.5~3mm for rough turning, ap=0.05~0.2mm for fine turning.
  • 3. The diameter of the end face changes from the outside to the center, and the cutting speed is also changing. When calculating the cutting speed, the largest diameter of the end face must be calculated.
  • 4. If there is a concave center or convex belly on the end face with a large diameter, check whether the turning tool and the square tool holder, and the large slide plate are locked. In order to accurately feed the turning tool horizontally, the middle slide plate should be fastened to the bed, and a small tool holder should be used to adjust the amount of the back knife.
  • 5. When the quality of the end face is high, the end cut should be cut from the center outwards.

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