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PTJ Shop is Cnc Machining Expert has 12 years experience on custom non-standard parts. As a cnc machining factory We Material research & Design and manufacture products,Material types included machining aluminium,stainless steel,brass,copper,titanium,magnesium and plastic machining etc.,. our factory located in Dongguan, occupies an area Over 5,000 square meters. Cnc Machining Online Quote Serviced aircraft&aerospace, automotive, LED lighting,bike,medical,electronic,mechanical,Oil&Energy and Military industries. Most of Our Customer business who base on Canada, Israel, Japan, Europe and USA, the business grow up year by year. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation, warmly welcome you join us to share the market, and expand our business together!

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Master several instructions used by CNC machining centers

 The mastery of the operating skills of CNC machining centers includes flexible switching of its basic functions and familiarity with operating instructions.

Through several years of practical application and teaching practice and exploration of machining centers, we summarize several common instructions used in CNC machining centers as follows :

1.Pause command

G04X (U)_/P_ refers to the tool pause time (feed stop, spindle does not stop), the value after the address P or X is the pause time. The value after X must have a decimal point, otherwise the calculation is a thousandth of this value, in seconds (s), the value after P cannot have a decimal point (that is, an integer), and it is in milliseconds (ms).

2.Mirroring instruction

Mirror image processing instructions M21, M22, M23. When only the X-axis or Y-axis is mirrored, the cutting sequence (climb milling and up-cut milling), tool compensation direction, and arc interpolation direction will all be opposite to the actual program, as shown in Figure 1. When mirroring the X-axis and Y-axis at the same time, the cutting sequence, tool compensation direction, and circular interpolation direction are all unchanged.

3.Circular interpolation command

G02 is clockwise interpolation, G03 is counterclockwise interpolation. In the XY plane, the format is as follows: G02/G03X_Y_I_K_F_ or G02/G03X_Y_R_F_, where X and Y are the coordinates of the arc end point, and I and J are the arc starting point to the center of the arc For the incremental value on the X and Y axes, R is the arc radius and F is the feed.

4. Compile the tool change subroutine.

On a machining center, tool change is inevitable. However, the machine tool has a fixed tool change point when it leaves the factory. If it is not at the tool change position, the tool cannot be changed. Before the tool is changed, the tool compensation and cycle must be cancelled, the spindle stops, and the coolant is turned off. There are many conditions. If you change the tool manually, you must ensure these conditions.

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