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Precautions for CNC machining center acceptance

 The precision inspection and acceptance of CNC machining center machine tools usually use high-precision testing instruments to test the comprehensive performance and individual performance of each component and the whole machine of the CNC machine tool. 

If necessary, the machine tool needs to be tested for stiffness and thermal deformation. Comprehensive evaluation of machine tools, this type of acceptance work is usually suitable for the prototype trial formulation of new machine tools and the acceptance of key imported equipment. It usually costs a lot. 

For general CNC machine tool users, the acceptance work is relatively simple, usually according to the machine tool factory certificate The above technical indicators and the actual detection methods that can be provided, part or all of their technical indicators are tested.

The machine accuracy of a machine tool is its static accuracy, which can comprehensively reflect the position error between the key parts of the machine tool and the form error of the assembled basic parts. 

The machine tool should be warmed up according to the standard before the geometric accuracy acceptance After running dry for a period of time, it is carried out when the various parts of the machine tool reach thermal equilibrium. 

The content and method of the geometric accuracy inspection of CNC machine tools are not similar to those of ordinary machine tools. The difference is that the geometric accuracy error requirements are stricter.

The main items for the geometric accuracy inspection of ordinary CNC machining centers are: flatness of the worktable surface, mutual perpendicularity of the movement of each coordinate direction, parallelism of the worktable surface when moving in the X and Y coordinate directions, and the T-slot side surface of the worktable when moving in the X direction.

The parallelism of the spindle, the axial movement of the spindle, the radial runout of the spindle hole, the parallelism of the spindle axis when the spindle box moves in the Z coordinate direction, and the straightness of the spindle box moving in the Z coordinate direction.

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