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The difference between drilling and tapping centers and machining centers

 Machining center is the most common and most commonly used standard CNC machine tool. The development of machining centers appeared earlier, and they have a wide range of applications. 

They first came to the country in a way that they could be imported from China. The price is more expensive and the maintenance is more troublesome. The tapping center, also called the drilling tapping machine, has become popular in recent years. It is a high-speed CNC machine tool, which is mainly used for aluminum products machining, which is very popular at present. 

A few years ago, many product structural shell designs and other parts were mainly made of plastic parts. This kind of plastic parts were usually completed by molds. Here are the main differences between them.

1.The size is different

These two drilling center and machining center, but similar structure, but they are completely different rolls. Because the drilling and attacking center needs to have the ability to develop and operate at a high speed, it is particularly necessary to consider the flexibility of its mechanical equipment in the design of differences. The processed thin body is lighter than the weight of each axial machining center. Because the drilling center and processing to make the size of the workpiece smaller, it also has a much smaller stroke than the machining center. Therefore, the volume problem of the drilling and tapping center and the processing center has changed significantly. Usually the volume of the drilling and tapping center is about 2 meters * 2 meters * 2.6 meters, and the common 850 model of the processing enterprise center system is generally It is about 2.8*2.8*3 meters.

2. The tool magazine tool change system is different

Drilling and tapping centers generally use solar tool magazines, which are generally installed on the upper end of the spindle. The capacity of the tool magazine is generally 16T, and the capacity of the servo tool magazine is no more than 21T at most. Generally used is a machining center arm type tool magazine, usually with a capacity of 24T, which is a magazine usually installed on one side of the tower.

3. Different processing objects

Drilling and tapping centers generally mainly process small aluminum parts, which is what we usually call products. It is the object of processing size is generally very small, and there are few large workpieces. For example, the mobile phone frame, mobile phone case, mobile phone middle frame and so on are currently popular in my country. The machining center is mainly used in the field of mold processing, mainly for processing steel. It can be said that it is an indispensable mode in the mold processing industry, and is usually used with mold engraving and milling machines.

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