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The Reasons for CNC machining center vibration

 The CNC machining center generates vibration during the machining process, and the normal cutting process of the process system is disturbed and destroyed.

Vibration not only seriously deteriorates the quality of the machined surface, but also shortens the service life of CNC machining centers and tools. In order to solve the problem, we should first explore the reasons for the vibration of the CNC machining center.

During the low frequency vibration in turning, usually the workpiece system and the tool holder system are vibrating (but in most cases the vibration of the workpiece system is relatively large), they are separated and sometimes approached, generating equal and opposite forces and Reaction force.

During down milling, the position of the gap between the lead screw and the nut changes, which will cause uneven feed of the worktable, resulting in shock and vibration, affecting the life of the machine tool and the tool and the surface roughness of the workpiece. When up-milling, the cutting thickness changes from small to large, the load of the tool also changes from small to large, and the tool is more stable during processing. Note that this is only used for finishing, and down milling should be used for roughing. This is because the productivity of down milling is high and the tool life can be guaranteed.

May also be the oscillation caused by the parameters of the system itself. As we all know; a closed loop system may also cause system oscillation due to poor parameter settings.

Forced vibration is a vibration caused by the action of external periodic interference force. For example, because the rotating parts on the machine tool are unbalanced, the centrifugal force generated after they rotate to excite the system, and the external vibrat

Ion is transmitted to the process system through the foundation, resulting in forced vibration of the process system. There are two types of forced vibration sources: internal vibration sources inside the machine tool and external vibration sources outside the machine tool. There are many external vibration sources, but they are all transmitted to the machine through the foundation.

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