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The Materials suitable for small CNC machining centers

 The editor recently saw some netizens on the Baidu Know platform asking: What materials are suitable for processing in the processing center?

This question is simple and simple, but difficult to say. Experienced friends must know which materials the machining center is suitable for processing. Today, I will take you to know what materials the machining center is suitable for.

What materials are suitable for machining center

There are many materials suitable for machine tools for machining centers, such as 45# steel, aluminum alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, composite materials and other materials. Machining centers are suitable for processing. There are many editors who will not introduce them one by one. Some of them are very hard. High material machining centers can also be processed, but the premise is that the hardness of the tool material used must be higher than the material hardness of the workpiece, otherwise the tool will be damaged during the machining process and the workpiece will be unsuccessful.

What are the characteristics of the machining center

The machining center is developed from the basic CNC milling machine, which combines all the features and functions of the CNC milling machine. The structure of the two is basically the same, and the processing technology is somewhat similar. The biggest difference between a machining center and a CNC milling machine is that the machining center has an automatic tool changer and a tool magazine, while the CNC milling machine does not. The machining center can automatically change the tool, while the CNC milling machine requires manual intervention when changing the tool. This is the difference between the machining center and the CNC milling machine. the difference. The machining center integrates a variety of equipment with machine functions, such as boring machines, drilling machines, milling machines and other machine tools. The machining center can complete multi-process processing by clamping the workpiece at one time, such as boring, milling, twisting, tapping, drilling and other processes.

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