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The Types Of Complex Curved Parts Processed By Small Machining Centers

 Recently, a friend asked me what are the complex curved surface parts processed by the small machining center.

In fact, the machining center can process complex curved surface parts, but the specific complex curved surface parts have not been written out. 

I will introduce it today. What are the types of complex surface parts, and what type of small machining center can be used to process them.

What are the complex curved surface parts processed by small machining centers

Complex surface type parts mainly refer to parts that are composed of complex curves and surfaces with complex shapes and extremely high precision requirements. These types of parts generally appear in military, aviation, aerospace, scientific research, precision machinery and other industries, such as aircraft turbines Engine blades, marine propellers, large diesel engine crankshafts, wind guide wheels, cams, etc. are all complex curved parts. The following pictures are all parts of complex surface type.

What type of machining center is used to process complex surface parts

Machining complex surface type parts must use multi-coordinate linkage machining, which is difficult or even impossible to process in conventional three-axis machining centers. To process such parts, a four-axis or five-axis machining center must be used to process such parts. The five-axis machining center can be used to process parts with complex surface types, with high machining accuracy, stable quality and interchangeability. it is good. Therefore, such parts must be processed by a five-axis machining center. The five-axis machining center can complete the processing of multiple sides of the part at one time. In general, one clamping can complete 80%-90% of the processing Content, reduce the number of clamping, improve processing accuracy and shorten processing time.

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