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Three characteristics of linear rail CNC lathe machining

Linear rail numerical control lathe is a kind of numerical control lathe, which is widely used in the machining of mechanical parts and has many advantages and characteristics.

To summarize the linear rail CNC lathe, PTJ summarizes the following three main characteristics:

(1) Complete functions, high machining quality

Because the linear rail CNC lathe has good rigidity, high precision of manufacturing and tool setting, and various compensations can be carried out conveniently and accurately, it can process parts with high dimensional accuracy. In some cases, it can even be used for grinding. The linear rail CNC lathe has a constant linear speed cutting function, which can select the best linear speed to cut the conical surface and the end surface, so that the surface roughness value after turning is small and uniform. It is also suitable for turning parts with different requirements on the surface roughness of each part. The parts with large roughness requirements should be selected with a large feed rate, and the parts with a small roughness requirement should be selected with a small feed rate.

(2) Suitable for CNC machining of revolving bodies with complex surface shapes

Because the linear rail CNC lathe has linear and circular interpolation functions, it can turn complex rotating parts composed of arbitrary straight lines and curves. This is impossible to process on ordinary lathes, but it is easy to process on-line CNC lathes. In addition, there are many types of parts processed by CNC lathes. When the contour of the part is composed of a straight line or an arc, the linear or arc interpolation function of the machine tool can be directly used: when the part profile is composed of a non-circular curve, the straight line or The arc is used for fitting; then the linear or arc interpolation function is used for cutting.

(3) Special thread can be processed

Ordinary lathes can only turn cylindrical, conical, metric and inch threads with equal leads, and a certain type of lathe can only process several leads. The linear-track CNC lathe can not only turn any equal-lead cylindrical, conical and end-face threads. Moreover, it can turn the threads with smooth transition between increasing and decreasing lead and required lead and variable lead. When turning, the spindle does not need to be constantly alternating between positive and negative like a normal lathe, but can cycle without stopping until it is completed. Therefore, the precision and efficiency of the linear rail CNC lathe are very high.

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