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How to judge the discharge state during EDM

 EDM is a processing tool, and it is also a relatively common tool to process molds by relying on the emitted electricity during processing. 

However, there are many manufacturers of EDM, and the quality of the equipment produced by each will be different, and the state of discharge is also different. 

How do we judge the state of discharge during EDM?

The normal single-pulse discharge process includes the ionization and breakdown of the dielectric at the south pole, and the chaotic process in which the dielectric between the north and south poles stops ionization and restores insulation. 

The basic conditions of each pulse discharge in the discharge gap during EDM are called discharge conditions.

The stability of discharge during EDM machining determines the output power of the tool and also determines the quality of the material. 

Therefore, engineers and technicians engaged in EDM have always been concerned about how to complete high-stability EDM at that time. A hot issue in the processing field.

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