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What will affect the processing effect of mirror spark machine

 1. The influence of discharge gap on machining accuracy

When the mirror spark machine is working, there is a short gap between the material and the material during discharge.

This gap is to control the stability, so increasing the pulse gap time can also improve this stability, and the increase in peak current can also make The production efficiency is improved, but it will also have a negative effect and wear the electrode. However, the surface material of the object is different, and the roughness will be different. 

In order to ensure the stability of the discharge gap, the electrical parameters of the pulse power supply must be ensured. In addition, the accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool should also remain stable. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the impact of the secondary discharge caused by the electrical corrosion products on the discharge gap.

2. The size and consumption of the electrode will affect the accuracy

In electrical discharge machining, because the pulse discharge is subject to electrical corrosion, the loss of electrodes can be understood and mastered. Various methods should be adopted to reduce electrode loss to ensure that the mold will have higher machining accuracy. EDM, the loss of different parts of the electrode, the electric field strength is usually sharp corners, edges and high-point discharge phenomena are different when other protruding parts are easily formed, so the loss is faster than the flat part, and it will inevitably lead to uneven loss reduction Precision. At the same time, the parts of the electrode sparker are lost and the physical constants of the electrode material are also affected by the heat. The higher the melting point, boiling point, and heat capacity of the electrode material, the latent heat of vaporization of the melt, greater thermal conductivity, better corrosion resistance, and strong heat transfer ability, which can reduce electrode loss.

3. The influence of surface roughness

With the increase of pulse width and current peak value, the evaluation parameters of the surface roughness of electric corrosion also increase. Under certain processing conditions, the increase of pulse width and current peak value will increase the energy of a single pulse, thereby increasing the cross-sectional size of the electric erosion pit. Therefore, the surface roughness mainly depends on the energy of a single pulse.

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