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How to maintain the lubrication system of the spark machine

 The lubrication system of the spark machine is very important in the whole process, and its good effect is also related to the processing effect,

so how do we maintain the lubrication system of the spark machine?

1. Oil supply function

Trouble and phenomenon: The oil pump is damaged or the oil pump is disconnected for the second time, causing the oil pump to not be powered

Consequence: oil pump does not work

Maintenance method: check the working status of the oil pump in real time, observe the oil level of the oil pump, and manually supply oil after 10s of startup

2. Lubricant brand

Faults and phenomena: Incorrect lubricant brand causes the lubricant viscosity to be too high, unable to transport the machine tool lubrication point or the lubricant viscosity is too low, and it is easy to lose quickly, and the non-compliant lubricant can not achieve a specific lubrication effect

Consequence: Poor lubrication can cause rust on the spiral guide rail.

Maintenance method: In the case of regular inspection of the pump level, please add lubricant and add it as required.

3. Oil tightness

Trouble phenomenon: pressure relief of lubrication system pipeline or distributor. On the one hand, it may cause lubricating oil to leak, on the other hand, it may cause air to enter the oil pipe to produce bubbles, making the oil pump unable to pump out.

Result: Pressure is discharged and there is no oil, causing the rail rod to rust.

Maintenance method: Regularly check the refueling condition of the oil circuit. If the oil pipe is white, please refuel it manually. If it cannot be refueled, please report to the manufacturer for repair.

4. Fuel supply time

And the fault phenomenon: the lubricating oil cannot be distributed to the lubrication point when the supply is too short.

Consequences: No oil supply, causing rust on screws and guide rails

Maintenance method: The supply time should not be less than 10 seconds. If it is too short, please change this parameter under the guidance of the spark manufacturer.

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