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PTJ Shop is Cnc Machining Expert has 12 years experience on custom non-standard parts. As a cnc machining factory We Material research & Design and manufacture products,Material types included machining aluminium,stainless steel,brass,copper,titanium,magnesium and plastic machining etc.,. our factory located in Dongguan, occupies an area Over 5,000 square meters. Cnc Machining Online Quote Serviced aircraft&aerospace, automotive, LED lighting,bike,medical,electronic,mechanical,Oil&Energy and Military industries. Most of Our Customer business who base on Canada, Israel, Japan, Europe and USA, the business grow up year by year. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation, warmly welcome you join us to share the market, and expand our business together!

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Fire prevention measures for electric sparks

 Recently, I received a telephone inquiry from a customer asking if the EDM manufacturer could repair it. 

The customer said that the EDM was burned out because there was no staff nearby when the EDM was running; the repair can be repaired, but it is more expensive It will definitely be higher.

In order to prevent this from happening again, Hanba EDM manufacturers will introduce some fire prevention measures for EDM machines.

  • 1. When the electric spark is operated, try to arrange the operator to guard by the side;
  • 2. Frequently change the filter cotton;
  • 3. Ensure the cleanliness of spark oil;
  • 4. In the process of discharging, no matter the electric current, the spark oil must be washed clean;
  • 5. Check whether the fire probe is blocked;
  • 6. Fire prevention measures should be opened as often as possible.

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