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Several methods to stabilize the precision of mirror spark machine

 As we all know, the accuracy of all aspects of the mirror spark machine is very important, but the temperature around the equipment and the heat generated during discharge are also more important, because it will affect the machining accuracy of the mirror spark machine at any time. 

Today I will tell you about the temperature mirror spark. Several methods of machine accuracy.

Metal will change with the change of temperature. Since the main body and most of the components of the mirror spark machine are made of metal, as the temperature changes, the accuracy of the mirror spark machine is affected by expansion. As an example of reducing the impact, specific operations as follows:

  • 1. Do not use it directly in front of the air-conditioning vent, and do not let the machine be exposed to direct sunlight;
  • 2. The electrode used for processing will shrink with the change of temperature. In order to reduce the influence, the cooling effect of the electrode should be improved, the processing liquid level should be increased, and the electrode can be immersed in the processing liquid;
  • 3. Installation of cooling devices for processing fluids;
  • 4. After the rough machining is completed, the processing is suspended, allowing time to cool the electrode.

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